Metacoda: Productivity through Metadata Visibility

Michelle Homes, Founder & Business Development Manage
As devoted SAS software users with decades of hands-on experience, Metacoda’s founders know the power of metadata visibility when it comes to getting the most out of SAS products. Michelle Homes, Metacoda Founder and Business Development Manager, explains, “Like many keen coders we apply the mantra of ‘how can we do this more efficiently?’ to all aspects of our lives. So it’s very rewarding to be running a company that’s all about enhancing existing SAS software to increase efficiency and productivity for organizations all around the world.”

Metacoda’s software allows administrators to get metadata information quickly and easily. The Metacoda Security Plug-ins can be installed into the SAS Management Console to help manage, review, audit, troubleshoot, test and document metadata security for their SAS platform installation. Michelle adds, “For managers and executives the appeal is in the improved efficiency and security, while administrators are happy to say goodbye to some of their most time consuming tasks. For instance, managers frequently report on the quick ROI on our products (in one case it was only one week), while administrators tell us about the time they save on tasks (in one case condensing a three-day project into just one hour).”

With the growing complexity of digital business, and the need for organizations to maintain flexibility while guaranteeing privacy and safety, it’s no surprise that data security is an increasingly important part of Metacoda’s offering. “Our software facilitates an easy examination of SAS metadata security that doesn’t require writing code to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve security-related issues,” Michelle explains.

“By making SAS metadata security more visible we help our customers to take a more proactive stance on security with a focus on preventing, detecting and responding before problems arise. We’re strong believers in the SAS philosophy that the best defense is a stronger offense.”

Metacoda Plug-ins can help organizations to manage their enterprise-level SAS metadata security plan, and keep it consistent and resilient over time, even when requirements change.

We facilitate easy examination of SAS metadata security with our tools that doesn’t require writing code to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve security-related issues

For example, with a large organization such as DeutschlandCard, who manages a loyalty card program of more than 13 million participants, Metacoda Plug-ins provide the agility to manage SAS metadata security in a complex and continuously changing environment. The software streamlines the metadata management and enables DeutschlandCard to easily keep track of complex structures before and after modifications.

“We’ve had a busy and exciting year, meeting many wonderful SAS users around the world and launching our latest product, the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in,” Michelle enthused. The new Plug-in is designed to import, check and synchronize identity-related SAS metadata with enterprise directories without the need to edit SAS code.

Its early days for the Identity Sync Plug-in but, Metacoda are already getting plenty of positive feedback. One user said he was “WOW”ed and another said the Plug-in is “worth its weight in gold if you have a SAS deployment”.

Metacoda is looking forward to another exciting year ahead as they continue to develop their products and customer relationships. Michelle sums up, “Most importantly, we value networks and know that ongoing open communication with customers is the lifeblood of our business. Being a part of the SAS community is very important to us, both professionally and personally, and we love being active on social media and in the SAS forums and blogs. Hope to see you online soon!”


Queensland, Australia

Michelle Homes, Founder & Business Development Manage

Provides software plug-ins to companies to support and enhance their existing SAS metadata security environment