20 Most Promising SAS Solution Providers - 2015

SAS with its powerful statistical data analysis has been instrumental in delivering solutions to businesses for implementing methods to mine, alter, manage and retrieve their data. In order to help businesses navigate the SAS industry landscape, we have listed the 20 Most Promising SAS Solution Providers 2015.

Company Name

Company Description

Adastra Corporation Adastra is an international consultancy delivering solutions and services for business in all fields of data and information processing – ranging from Basel II, fraud management, to up-selling and attrition management.
Aithent A company that creates high-value solutions for the information management needs of government, insurance, banking and health care organizations around the globe.
d-Wise Inc. Providing data optimization for actuarial, quality, medical-management, and operational data marts and warehouses, as well as support for fraud detection using data-driven and repeatable processes.
Denologix Offering information management planning, development, integration and support services for transactional and business intelligence systems.
Dufrain Consulting A consulting firm that improves client performance through understanding of business intelligence to deliver unparalleled access to the information that can allow them to achieve their goals.
Futrix Inc A company that provides a self-service business intelligence environment that empowers users to easily and quickly explore data and pursue scenarios without constraints, enabling immediate generation of answers to business challenges.
Gate B Enabling customers to increase the impact of marketing activities and making them highly effective and manageable
Hortonworks, Inc A company that builds new analytic apps across shared data and services, unlocking new business value from an enterprise data lake.
Intuitive Performance Solutions Providing clients with business intelligence, strategic performance management, and sales/marketing automation
KANA A company that provides on-premises and cloud solutions for large enterprises and mid-market organizations, and unifies context for customer journeys across agent, web, social and mobile experiences.
Kavi Associates A boutique business analytics solutions company that provides solutions to automate data driven decision-making
Logistic Solutions Provides IT solutions and services, offering domain rich execution capability and commitment to client engagement
Medidata Solutions, Inc Offering flexible implementation services, sponsor enablement and CRO partner training to make sure clients have a smooth start to their study.
Metacoda Specializes in plug-ins and add-ons that help SAS users get more out of their SAS software investment.
Pivotal Software, Inc A company offering a modern approach to technology that organizations need to thrive in a new era of business innovation.
Selerity Service provider of SAS consulting, hosted analytics and SAS administration for SAS-basedproducts and business analytics solutions.
ThotWave Technologies LLC A company that provides products and consulting services by way of intellectual property.
Westat Westat provides statistical and evaluation research services to government agencies and other organizations in the fields of health, education, social services, transportation, housing, and the environment.
Wincere, Inc Wincere helps customer navigate through challenges of cost complexity and extended timelines of the drug development process.
Zencos Consulting A Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provider that serves some of the leading Fortune 1000 companies in the world